【Grammar Tip】

The "invaders" that cause allergy attacks - known as allergens - are actually everyday mayerials such as pollen, dust and animal dander.

兩個破折號中間夾的分詞片語,用 Known as 點出 invader 的名號。

1. The middle part of the United States - known as the breadbasket of America - has many wheat and corn fields.
2. The state of Minnesota - known as the land of ten thousand lakes - is a great place to go fishing.

3. We'll begin the meeting at ten o'clock sharp - at least we'll try.
4. The food at the party was delious - you would have loved it!

【Chat Room】

如: Kleenex box(舒潔) => 引申為 tissue(面紙)
  Band-aid => OK蹦
  Q-tips => 棉花棒

chronic 慢性的
如: chronic disease 慢性病

recurring 一再發生
如:recurring illness 復發性疾病
  recurring dreams
terminal means final
如:terminal illness
  terminal patient
  terminal cancer (癌症末期)
  terminal station (終點站)

【Word Bank】

allergy (n) 過敏
 Keri has an allergy to wheat products, so she can't eat bread.

invader (n) 入侵者
 Invaders entered the walled city while its citizens were sleeping.

itchy (adj) 癢的
 Jonathan has several mosquito bites on his arm that are red and itchy.

miserable (adj) 痛苦的;悲慘的
 We had a miserable camping trip because of the cold.

runny (adj) 留鼻涕的;半生不熟水水的
 How do you like your eggs - dry or runny

severe (adj) 嚴重的
 Josie was in a car accident yesterday. Thankfully, her injuries were't severe.

filter (n) 濾網 (v) 過濾
 You should clean the filter in the dryer after each use.

congest (v) 擁塞
 Let's go out to eat after rush hour because the roads are too congested now.

scooter (n) 機車;摩托車
 In this crowded city, parking a scooter is more convenient than parking a car.

【More Inforation】

 pollen (n) 花粉
 dander (n) (羽毛、皮膚、毛皮)碎屑
 histamine (n) 組織胺
 sinus (n) 鼻竇;鼻
 mold (n) 霉;黴菌

 linen 亞麻布製品(如床單, 桌巾, 內衣...etc.)
 conditioner 調節器
 spread 分布
 mask 口罩;遮罩

【 Michelle's Room 】

1. 這種治療對很多過敏症的患者都會很有幫助
  This treatment can benefit a lot of allergy sufferers.
2. 她對所有的乳製品都過敏
  She has an allergy to all dairy foods.
3. 他對雞蛋過敏
  He's allergic to eggs.

  The people in the village united to fight against invaders.
  In the movie the alien invaders were destroyed by common human diseases.

6. 我今天流鼻涕
  I've got a runny nose today.

  A severe blood infection almost killed her.
  He suffered from severe head injuries and was in a coma.
  The severe weather conditions forced the tourists to stay in the hotel.

  The dust filter of this vacuum is replaceable.
  The fish tank's water filter makes a lot of noise.
  The lenses can filter out ultra-violet rays.

  The freeways of Los Angeles are often congested during the rush hour.
  The X-ray showed that his lungs were

【Key Points】

1. Materials that cause allergy attacks, like pollen and dust, are called allergens.

2. Chemicals called histamines, released by the immune system, can cause allergy symptoms such as sneezing and coughing.

3. People with allergies can relieve their symptoms by changing their air conditioner filters often and by driving when traffic is lighter.



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