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An Easter "Eggstravaganza"

原應為 extravaganza:新奇的事物
用了 pun (a play on word 諧音雙關語 ) 而成 eggstravaganza

另一個pun的例子: A Halloween spooktacular.
原應為: A Halloween spectacular.

spectacular / spooktacular
spectacular 原指壯觀的事物
而 spook 為驚嚇
→ 故用spooktacular,因為 Halloween(萬聖節)時常被嚇到
→ A Halloween spooktacular

【Word Bank】

poach (v) 用水煮
 I prefer poached eggs to fried ones because they are lower in fat.

lowly (adj) 地位低下的;卑微的
 The lowly students looked up to the great professor.

symbolize (v) 象徵;代表
 A white dove symbolizes peace.

superstition (n) 迷信
 You won't have bad luck if you walk under a ladder. That's just a superstition.

【More Information】

resurrection (n) 復活
Crusader (n) 十字軍(戰士)
Good Friday (n) 耶穌受難日(復活節前的星期五)

scrambled egg 炒蛋
fried 炸
boiled 水煮的
significance 意義
certerpiece 中央的;重頭戲
Christian 基督的
bright 鮮豔的
sin 罪惡(宗教;道德)
tap 輕拍;輕敲
risen 復活(宗教)
reply 回答;回覆
indeed 真正地;真的(加重語氣)
festival 節慶;慶典
Persia 波斯(現伊朗)
Egypt 埃及
Greece 希臘
Rome 羅馬
featured (vi)作為重要角色
custom 習俗
establish 建立
arose (arise) 出現;引發
laid (lay) 存放;擱
yolk 蛋黃

gown 禮服  / bride 新娘


【Michelle's Room】

1. 他的第一份工作是再一個工廠裡當一個平凡的工人
  His first job was a lowly worker in a factory.

2. 潔白的婚紗代表著新娘的純潔
  A white wedding gown symbolizes the purity of the bride.
  The natives gaves us a necklace that symbolizes the friendship between us.

4. 人們因為恐懼而相信迷信
  People believe superstitions because of fear.
5. 根據迷信,數字13是一個不吉祥的數字
  Accroding to the superstition, number 13 is an unlucky number.

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