【Chat Room】

wax (v) 漸漸變成;轉為

to wax
wax sentimental

ex: He waxed sentimental when he heard the song.
  He waxed poetic.

【Word Bank】

intricate (adj) 複雜精細的;錯綜複雜的
 Look at all the tiny lines and circles in this intricate design.

fabulous (adj) 驚人的;極好的
 Jenniffer looked fabulous in her exquisite evening dress.

symbolic (adj) 象徵的
 In the West, the owl is symbolic of wisdom.

decorative (adj) 裝飾性的
 You can't eat that fruit on the table; it's only decorative.

【More Inforation】

batik (n) 蠟染色法
Trinity (n) (基督教)三位一體

elaborate 精巧的;複雜的
exquisite 精緻的
wax 蠟
emerge 出現
spread 延伸
triangle 三角形
earth 土
plenty 富足;豐富
drop 丟;投;擲

owl 貓頭鷹
metabolic 新陳代謝的
palace 皇宮
maze 迷宮
countryard 花園
accessory 配件

【Michelle's Room】

1. 這本書是研究人體複雜的新陳代謝系統
  The book is a study on the intricate metabolic system of human bodies.
2. 這個皇宮以花園裡複雜的迷宮而聞名
  The palace is famous for its intricate maze in the countryard.

3. 白鴿象徵和平
  A dove is symbolic if peace.
4. 十字架是基督教信仰的象徵
  The cross is symbolic of Christian belief.
5. 這首詩的象徵是我們報告的主題
  The symbolic poem is the topic of our report.

6. 裝飾在門口的鏡子是巴洛克式的
  The decorative mirror they put at the entrance is Baroque style.
7. 這禮服上裝飾性的細節全都是手工製的
  The decorative accessories of the gown are totally hand-made.





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