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suggest 建議;暗示(imply)
文中的 research suggests 非"研究建議",應為"研究顯示"

若要比 suggest 還要強烈的意味,
可用 something speak for itself
代表 不言而喻;本身不必加以說明而能自己解釋
如: The evidence speaks for itsself.
→ 讓證據自己說話,即「證據本身可證明一切」

【Word Bank】

exposure (n) 暴露;揭露
 Often in a fire, one's exposure to smoke is more dangerous than the flames.

ailment (n) (常指輕微的)病痛
 This book will teach you how to treat minor ailments, so you don't have to go to the doctor all the time.

gene (n) 基因;遺傳因子
 Some diseases can be passed down through one's genes.

massive (adj) 大量的;大規模的
 People couldn't drive for a day after the massive snowstorm. Even the schools were closed.

【More Information】

ultraviolet ray (n) 紫外線
citrus (adj) 柑橘屬植物的

flame 火焰
minor 較小的;不嚴重的
pass down 傳下來
snowstorm 暴風雪

incredibly 難以置信的;很、極為
damage 損壞;毀壞
apparently 顯然地
inherit 繼承;經遺傳而得
benefit 好處
lurk 潛伏;潛在的

intensive (adj) 加強的;密集的;精深的;透徹的;【語】增強語氣的
literature (n) 文學;文學作品;文獻;圖書資料
remedy (n) 治療;治療法;藥物
cure (v) 治癒;消除(弊病等)
prematurely (adv) 過早地;貿然地
breast (n) 乳房;胸部;胸腔

【Michelle's Room】

1. 強烈地在陽光下曝曬可能會引起皮膚癌
  Intensive exposure to the sun might cause skin cancer.
2. 小孩提早接觸文學對他們有益
  Children benefit from early exposure to literature.

3. 這些家庭用的醫療方式對這些輕微的病痛還蠻有效的
  These home remedies are quite effective for curing minor ailments.
4. 這個孩子早產,而且疾病纏身。
  The child was born prematurely, and he suffers from all kinds of ailments.

5. 這個研究團隊在研究乳癌的基因
  The research team is studying the gene for breast cancer.

形容詞片語:in the genes 從遺傳來的

Helen's boldness seems to be in her genes.





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