【Grammar Tip】

To see for myself if this "scientific" test was for real, I took the test three different times and got the same results each time,...

句首的 to see for meself 是「自己親自去看」,有親身嘗試以證明給自己看的意思

to see for myself:
to personally see and experience something in order to understand what's going on

1. To see for myself if the dancer was as good as the reviews had said, I attended the ballet.
2. I went to see for myself what Simon had thrown into the garbage.

3. It's hard to believe that my aunt has lost 20kg, so I'm going to go visit her and see for myself.
4. Tanya heard about the big sale at the mall and had to drive down there to see for herself.

【Chat Room】

 a- a字首有"沒有;缺乏;不"的意思
 chrochmatic 彩色的

atheist : someone who believe there is no God 無神論者
amoral : someone who is not moral 沒道德的
asymmetry 不對稱
asexual 無性生殖的
apolitial : no interest in politic 不關心、厭惡政治的
  EX: I'm apolitial.

【Word Bank】

partial (adj) 偏愛的;部分的
 I am very partial to chocolate, so I always have something chocolate for dessert.

feasibility (n) 可行性
 John has some creative ideas for marketing, but what is the feasibility of putting them into practice?

implementation (n) 執行;實行
 With the implementation of the new speeding law, there have been fewer accidents.

overcommit (v) 承擔超出能力所及的過多工作
 Martha always overcommits herself for the school festival and then needs help because she can't do it all.

affirm (v) 證實;確認;肯定
 If teachers affirm their students, the students tend to work harder and do better.

【More Information】

evaluate 評估
examine 檢查
confirm 證實;確認
colleague 同事
competent 能幹的

marketing (市場的)交易;行銷學
festival 慶祝活動

coverage 新聞報導
entirely 完全地
candidate 候選人
council 會議;地方議會
witness 目擊者;證人
suspect 嫌疑犯

【Michelle's Room】

偏愛哪邊用" to "
1. 這篇新聞報導完全偏坦其中的一位候選人
  The news coverage is entirely partial to one of the candidates.
2. 布蘭達特別喜歡吃甜食
  Baenda is partial to sweets.

3. 我們在開始之前必須要先評估這個方案的可行性
  We need to evaluate the feasiblity of the project before we get started.
4. 市議會正在討論在市內蓋另一座購物中心的可能性
  The city council is discussing the feasibility of building another mall in town.

5. 證人證實嫌疑犯當晚確實在家中
  The witness affirmed that the suspect was home that night.
6. 不管成績如何家長都應肯定孩子的努力
  Parents should affirm their children's efforts regardless of their grades.










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