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job v.s. career

job - 工作;取得一份"工作",主要為了賺錢謀生,往往短期。
career - 亦為job,通常為長期或終生職業,亦可指生涯、經歷。

// job:We usually think about a job a something one does to make money there is no real a touchment to the job.
   如:Working at a fastfood restaurant is just a job most people who work there were move on to do other things.

work at a job
work in a career

job descriotion (非指工作的描述) 而是一份工作的內容。
如:What's the job descriptions?這工作的內容包含哪些項目?

【Work Bank】

1. complement (v) 與...相配;搭配得相得益彰
  Your silver necklace complements your black dress very nicely.

2. forum (n) 討論會
  Because of the rise in crime, the city council held a forum on public safety.

3. analytical (n) (善於)分析的
  Jerry is very analytical, so he really enjoys his high-level math classes.

4. specification (n) 規格;詳細計畫書
  As soon as the builder receieved the specifications for the office building, he began the construction.

【More Information】

instrinsic 固有的;內在的;本質的;真正的

persuader 說服者
doer 行動者
profitable 有利的
perspective 遠景
corporate 法人(組織)的;企業的;公司的
occupation 職業;職務
investor 投資者;investment 投資
cowoker 同事
contribution 貢獻
supportive 贊助的;支援的
finance 金融
accounting 會計
manufacturing 製造
property 房地產
consulting 顧問
community 社區
no-nosense 直截了當的
enforcement 執行
firefighting 消防

dignity 尊嚴
catalog 目錄

【Michelle's Room】

in- 在裡面
1. 我們真正的尊嚴不是由我們的成就來決定的。
  Our instrinsic worth and dignity should not be determined by our accomploshments.
2. 她內在的良善讓人信賴她與愛她
  Her insrinsic godness makes people trust her and love her.

3. 依娃很有分析的頭腦讓她對很多議題有很多深刻的思考
  Yvone has an analytical mind that caused her to think deeply about many issues.
4. 學生受訓練要用分析的方式來解決問題
  Students are trained to use an analytical approach to solve problems.

specific (adj) 特有的;特定的
specification (n) 規格
5. 每一項產品的規格都列在目錄當中
  The specifications of each product are listed in the catalog.




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