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an old wives' tale
- a traditional belief often about the body that usually not based on fact
- 古時傳下的作法(大多數 old wives' tale 是無稽之談)
- wive 古英文中指女人,而非指某人的老婆

Feed a cold, starve a fever. 即是一個 old wives' tale

urban legend 都市傳說;現代的傳說
→ 來源不明的當代傳說

【Word Bank】

myth (n)
 My mom says her great-grandmother dated a former president, but I think it's just a myth.

convert (v)
 I want to know more about how light bulbs convert energy into light.

cover up (phr v)
 Tim tried to cover up his mistake by lying to the teacher.

digest (v)
 Digesting meat takes longer than digesting vegetables an fruit.

【More Information】

eyesight 視力

great-grandmother 曾祖母
bulb 燈泡

reveal 顯露;揭露
carrot 胡蘿蔔
Britain 英國
pilot 飛行員
rumor 謠言
spread 散佈
radar 雷達
calory 卡洛里(熱量)
consume 消耗
cucumber 黃瓜
bean 豆
grapefruit 葡萄柚
alternative 兩者擇一的

Fahrenheit 華氏
Celsius 攝氏
garage 車庫
bankruptcy 破產
staff 幕僚
corrupt 貪污的;腐敗的
mayor 市長
corn 玉米
fiber 纖維

【Michelle's class】

1. 把華氏溫度轉成攝氏溫度的公式是什麼呢?
  What's the formula of converting Fahrenheit to Celsius?

2. 這房子新的屋主想要把車庫轉變成一間辦公室
The new owner of the house wants to convert the garage to an office.

cover up (動詞片語) 隱藏;掩蓋
3. 這家公司試著隱藏他們面臨破產的危機
  The company tried to cover up the fact that they're facing bankruptcy.
4. 這個貪污的市長手下試著掩飾他的罪行
  The staff of the corrupt mayor tried to cover up for him.

5. 對老人家而言玉米有時蠻難消化的
  Corn is sometimes hard to digest for elderly people.
6. 小寶寶還太小還不能消化雞蛋
  The baby is too young to digest eggs.

digestion (n) 消化
7. 高纖維的食物幫助消化
  Foods high in fiber help digestion.

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