【Grammar Tip】

The Human Genome Project was an effort by a number of organizations to identify all 20,000 to 25,000 human genes.

此句使用句型: 某事物 + was an effort by ... to verb ...
"Subject + was an effort by + something + to verb"

A number of organizations tried to identify all 20,000 to 25,000 human genes through the Human Genome Project.

1. The large loan was an effort by the government to save the failing business.
2. It was an effort by all of the teachers to help the poor, young man attend school.

loan 貸款
failing 衰退的

3. This fundraiser was an effort by a group of teachers to raise enough money to buy new books for the library.
4. This evening's program was an effort by a local women's club to help raise awareness of domestic violence.

fundraiser 資金籌集人;資金籌集活動
awareness 察覺;覺悟;體認
domastic 家庭的,家事的;國家的;國內的
violence 暴力,暴力行為

【Chat Room】

br creative
creativity (n) 創造力
creation (n) 創造;發明

unlock 打開

【Word Bank】

identify (v) 辨認;認出
 The police are using a videotape to identify the robbers.

strand (n) 兩股以上纖維物扭轉成的條狀物;一根
 Oh, no!There is a strand of yarn in my soup!

reconstruct (v) 重建
 People are trying to reconstruct their homes after the terible typhoon.

database (n) 資料庫
 Gerald is hoping to create a database with all our sales information.

【More Information】

genome 基因組
DNA 去氧核糖核酸
nucleotide 核苷酸

videotape 錄影帶
robber 搶匪
yarn 紗,紗線

witness 目擊者;見證人
vehicle 運載工具;車輛;飛行器;太空火箭
bomb 轟炸;轟擊

【Michelle's Class】

1. 證人從照片中認出搶匪
  The witness identified the robber from the photos.
2. 她向警方表明自己的身分是汽車的駕駛
  She identified herself to the police as the driver of the vehicle.

identify 也指認同
3. 我出身一個破碎的家庭所以可以認同她的感覺
  I can identify with her because I am from a broken family too.

strand 一根;一股
4. 掉在我眼前的那根頭髮讓我看了就煩
  The strand of hair in front my eye really bothers me.
5. 她戴了兩串珍珠參加派對
  She wore two strands of pearls around her neck to the party.

strand 也指整體中的一部份
6. 如果你把所有的情結都湊在一起,你應該會知道故事的結局是什麼
  If you put all the strands together, you should know the ending of the story.

r-e 再一次
contruct 建造
recontruct 重建

7. 人們決定要重建當初被轟炸所破壞的教堂
  The people decided to reconstruct their church after it was stand damaged by the bombed.

recontruct 也指重現
8. 警方試著重現犯案現場來幫助破案
  The police tried to reconstruct the crime scene to help solve the case.


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