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compare: looking at two or more things and seeing what is similar and what is different
contract: to show the differences between things that being compared

compare v.s. contract

compare: 比較。看兩者相似或者不同
contract: 對比;對照。看兩者不同之處。

comparing apples and oranges: means two things that they can't be compare such as apples and oranges

【Word Bank】

personnel (n) 人員;員工
 All of the department's personnel are attending a training program today.

prevention (n) 預防
 The class is visiting the fire station to learn about fire prevention and safety.

beneficial (adj) 有益的
 Excerising regularly is beneficial to your health.

potential (n) 潛力
 Taylor has a lot of potential, but she needs more work experience.

【More Information】

mutation (n) 突變; mutate (v) 使突變、產生突變
gene therapy (n) 基因療法

patient 病人
eventually 終於;最後
ethical 倫理的、道德的
surrounding 周圍的
concern 擔心;關心
privacy 隱私
insurance 保險
discrimination 不公平待遇;歧視

【Michelle's Class】

prevent (v)
1. 事前小小的預防比事後昂貴的治療要好的多
  A little prevention now is better than expensive treatment later.
2. 政府花了許多錢在防治犯罪的計畫中
The government spends a lot of money on crime prevenrion programs.

beneticial (adj) 有益的;有幫助的
benefit (n) 利益;好處

3. 渡個假也許對他有幫助
  A vacation might be beneficial to him right now.
4. 足夠的日照有助於植物的生長
  Sufficient sunlight is beneficial to the growth of plants.

potential (n) 可能性;潛力
5. 不管你從事哪一種投資都有損失的可能性
  There's a potential for loss no matter what kind of investment you do.
6. 他有潛力成為大明星
  He has the potential to become a great star.
7. 這家公司有擴展的潛力
  The company has the potential for expansion.


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