【Chat Room】

「My wife and I are going to have a baby.」

having a baby 不可譯作擁有嬰兒

可表示生小孩(give a birth);亦可指懷孕(= expecting 有喜)

Is she expecting?

Where are you going to have the baby?

His wife had a baby boy.

My wife and I are going to have a baby.

【Word Bank】

shortcut (n) 捷徑;快捷方式
 Learning English takes time and effort. There are no shortcuts.

curly (adj) 捲髮的;捲曲的
 Is your hair curly or straight?

bashful (adj) 害羞的
 That boy is really bashful. He won't say hello because he's shy.

【More Information】

pull the wool over one's eyes (idom) 欺矇某人
fluff (n) 蓬鬆毛(或物)

lamb 小羊
romp 嬉鬧
toss 甩頭離去
ordinary 平凡的
brush 掠過;擦過
curl 捲毛
whistling 發出哨聲
lane 小路
wool 羊毛
blanket 毛毯

insult (n) 侮辱、羞辱

【Phrasal Verbs / Idioms】

cut up (phr v) 嬉鬧;惡作劇 (= have a good time)
cut out for (idiom) 天生適合於;勝任(某工作) (= I have quaility to do something.)
cut to the quick (idiom) 刺痛某人的心 (= feeling is hurted deeply)
cut down (phr v) 貶低(某人) (=to belittl)
cut above (idiom) 高人一等 (=a cut or notch above other people)
cut short (idiom) 打斷;縮短
cut off (idion) 中斷;切斷
(= interrupt)
cut down on (idiom) 減少 (= reduce or decrease)
cut corners (diom) 一切從簡地做事;節約(=  to economize)

【Michelle's Class】

I took a shortcut through the park on my way from my home to school.
There are actually no shortcuts to learning languages.

He suddenly became bashful the minute the girl he liked showed up.

對某件事感到不好意思用 Be + bashful about something
He's not at all bashful about showing off his wealth.

cut to the quick 觸及某人的痛處;刺傷某人
Bobby was really cut to the quick by his brother's joke about his height.

I was cut to the quick when she insulted me.



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