【Grammar Tip】

"But it's not the fluff on the outside that's important."

這句的意思其實就是 "The fluff on the outside is not important."

句型:But it's not + noun phrase + that is + adjective.

句首的 it's not 有強調的效果

1. Henry's comment doesn't bother me.
It's not Henry's comment that bothers me.

2. The price of your gift does not matter.
It's not the price of your gift that matters.

3. It's not what you said. It is how you said it!

4. It's not the money that's important;it's the quality of the work.

【Chat Room】

文中有很多對話,若是只用 say, ask answer 顯得單調

shout, scream, cry, yell, holler, shriek 都是好的動詞

"I have wool," cried Lambchop. → "cried" 吼叫,比 "say" 傳神

Fluff screamed.

"We all do," the others added. 前要有句子才可用"added"以示附和。

the others joked → "to joke" 戲弄

【Word Bank】

brag (v) 自誇;吹牛
 I brag because I am smart, good-looking, talented and wealthy.

sheepishly (adv) 難為情地;怯懦地
 Herbert was embarrassed and walked away sheepishly.

【More Information】

pull the wool over one's eyes 欺矇某人
fluff 蓬鬆毛(或物)

【Phrasal Verbs / Idoms】

cut in (phr v) 插話;插嘴
cut something out (phr v) 住手;停止(做某事)
cut it (idom) 辦成事;辦到
cut down to size (idom) 挫掉某人的銳氣

【Michelle's Class】

brag 的過去分詞、過去式皆重複字尾+ed 即" bragged "

He always brags about how successful he is.

也可以 brag + that 子句
Victor bragged that he was the best quarterback the team ever had.
cut it 指可以應付、處理,大多用在否定句

If he can't cut it, we might need to get someone else to take over the case.

I don't understand why such a talented guy just can's cut it.

sheepishly (adv) 羞怯地
sheep (n) 綿羊

When she spilled the coffee, she smiled sheepishly and apologized.

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