【Chat Room】

" the rain poured down "

pour: It's raining very hard.
下大雨常用"pour" : 倒水之動作;傾瀉
如: It's pouring buckets.

又" When it's rains, its pours."

"raining cats and dogs"


【Grammar Tip】

My, these chicks talk funny.

my 除了當「我」得所有格以外,還可以當感歎詞,表達出驚訝、開心或是驚慌沮喪。

1. My, look at the time!

2. My, what a lovely gift!

3. My, you kids have a lot of energy!

4. My, that was a wonderful finner party.


【Michelle's Class】

cooped up 關起來的
coop 關起來

The hostages were cooped up in a tiny room for two whole days.

We've been cooped up in the hotel all day because of the snowstorm.

pull through (動詞片語) 渡過難關;撐過去;生存下來

The operation was very successful and the doctors believed the patient would pull through.

pull someone through 幫助某人渡過難關
She said the support of her teammates had pulled her through.

push through (動詞片語) 擠著通過

We tried to push the baseball fans who were lining up for tickets.

He pushed his way through the crowd and went home.

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