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小型交通工具如汽車、船,用 get in / out
如:get in the car / get out of the boat

大型交通工具如飛機、輪船、火車、公車,用 get on / off
如:Where should we get off the bus?

若機車或腳踏車,因要用騎的,故用 get on / off

alight 下來,可以指從任何大型交通工具或車輛下來
如:alight the bus

disembark 登陸、上岸,亦可指下車、下飛機
embark 上船、上飛機(但小型交通工具如汽車等不適用)

go ashore 離船上岸
All ashore that's going ashore.

【Grammar Tip】

Some airlines are more bicycle-friendly for travelers than others.

這個句子裡使用了 more...than others 這樣的句型。

1. Some cookies are more difficult to prepare than others.

2. Some students are more willing to study longer than others.

subject + are more + the description + than others

1. Some games are more difficult than others.
→ Some games are more difficult to play indoor than others.
2. Some toys are more expensive than others.
→ Some toys at the night market are more expensive than others.

【Michelle's Class】

e-c-o 生態的
friendly 有益於某些對象的
echo-friendly (adj) 環保的;對自然環境無害的

These compact cars which use natural gas are more eco-friendly than cars that gasline.

These eco-friendly packing materials are becoming more and more popular.

consistent (adj) 始終如一的;前後一致的
These has been consistent growth in the sales of this product.

Sherry is talented, but her performance is not consistent.

commuter (n) 通勤者
commute (v) 通勤(去工作or上學)

The train was packed with commuters during rush hour.

Commuters complained about the delay of the subway this morning.

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