【Grammar Tip】

The hands on the clock approach 6:00...

means: It's almost 6:00.

時間的表達有很多種說法,如 It's 5:00.
1. The grandfather clock in the hallway chimed five times.
2. The bells of the clock tower rung five times.
3. The hour hand on his watch pointed to five.

【Chat Room】

slow cooker 慢燉鍋
此處的 cooker 不是指人,而是 appliance (電器),是指電鍋。

不可用 cooker 指廚師

廚師為 cook
另外可用 chef 指主廚
chef 來自法文的 chief (長官;領袖),廚房裡的長官指的就是主廚。

【Michelle's Class】

in short order 迅速地(當副詞片語使用)
She's capable of solving problems at work in short order.

Halfway through dinner my son suddenly got sick, so we left short order.

d-e 除去之意
frost 霜
defrost (v) 退冰

Mother defrosted the beef in the microwave.

We left the turkey out last night to let it defrost thoroughly.

It's time to defrost the freezer. The frost is becoming very thick.

serving (n) 食物的一份、一客
He had a large serving of fried rice.

This pie recipe should be enough for 6 servings.

Each serving of ice-cream is over 400 calories.

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