【Grammar Tip】

...once they appear, mosquitoes are a total pain.

total:It's another way to say complete or absulate.

Total 這個字除了有總共、合計的意思之外,


1. Bob's entire story about how he met the movie star is total nonsense.

2. How the teapot went from the kitchen to the bathroom is a total mystery to Gwen.

3. With all the rain, Sarah's birthday party was a total disaster.

4. Despite the fire, the house was not a total ruin.

【Chat Room】

a pain 是一個疼痛

但當某樣東西成為一個 pain 時,pain 就成為一個招惹麻煩、令人討厭的東西
EX: mosquites are such a pain 蚊子真是令人討厭

a pain 亦可形容你不喜歡的工作

a pain in the neck

take great pains to do something
→ means to go to a lot of trouble to do something and were very careful about it
→ 表示花費了很多心血、煞費苦心地做某事

【Michelle's Class】

equip (v) 裝備;有某種設備
過去式、過去分詞 equipped
現在式 equipping

Our studio is well-equipped with top-of-the-line microphones.

equip 亦指訓練、使做準備
This training is aimed to equip people with the computer skills they need their jobs.

s-e-n-s 有感覺之意
sensor (n) 感應器

The security system is equipped with heat sensors to detect intruders.

Father put motion-sensor in the backyard so the light will go on if anyone trespasses.

contrast (v) 與某個對象形成對比或反差
The styles of these popular novelists contrast a lot.

若要說明跟哪個對象有對比,是用 with
If you contrast his latest performance with his previous play you will see how much he has improved.


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