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Orthokine therapy is revolutionary in that it actually halts the progression of osteoarthritis...

in that
it's actually idom that means " because / for the reason that "

so another way to say today's sentence would be:
Orthokine therapy is revolutionary for the reason that it actually halts the progression of osteoarthritis.

雖然 in that 代表 because 之意,但不是所有情況都可用 in that 來取代 because

in that 是從狹隘的方面或幾方面來說明原因或理由, 只能放在句子中間。


1. The movie was special in that it was made by a student with a hearing disability.

2. The opening of the tunnel was significant in that it cut down commuters' driving time by at least an hour.

【Chat Room】

percent 重音在後面
百分比的名詞是 percentage

as much as: 高達,如: as mush as 100,000 dollars ,只能用在不可數名詞

若用在可數名詞,則為 as many as

相對的," 只有 " 是 as little as

【Michelle's Class】

character (n) 特色;特質
characterize (v) 具有某種特色

Strong contrast in colors charaterizes this painter's work.

These course are charaterized by an emphasis on field experience.

a-b 有離開之意
normally 正常地
abnormally (adv) 離開正常地 → 不正常地;反常地

The kids in class are abnormally quiet today.

The reading showed that the temperature of the engine is abnormally high.

r-e 再一次
generation 產生
regeneration (n) 再生;新生

The new policy is aimed to stimulate economic regeneration.

The medcine can help speed up the regeneration of red blood cells.



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