【Grammar Tip】

Once popular only in the U.S., credit cards are now used extensively in many parts of the world....

You could say:
Credit cards were once popular only in the U.S., but they are now used wxtensively in many parts of the world.

Once popular... 這個句首的片語是寫作時很好的範例,強調出過去曾經如何,但今天情勢已經改變了。


1. Once popular only in Japan, anime is now well receieved in many countries around the world.

2. Once popular only with little girls, Barbie dolls can now be found in the collectors' market.

3. Once popular only in Asia, bubble milk tea is now sold arround the world.

4. Once popular only with teenagers, video games are now played by people of all ages.

【Chat Room】

ATM: automated teller machine

故不說 ATM machine → redundant 重複

此外還有例子: PIN 是 personal identification number 個人識別號碼

網路上許多地方都會用到 password
password 可由數字或字母所組成
而 PIN 都是數字

同樣地不會說 PIN number, anyway, 也有人這樣用

【Michelle's Room】

diligent (adj) 勤奮的
diligently (adv) 勤奮地;堅持不懈地

Peter works more diligently than most of his collegues, and that's why he got promoted.

Scientists have been working diligently to find a cure for cancer.

itinerary (n) 旅遊的行程表或路線
如果是工作的行程是 schedule

The travel agent planed our itinerary and arranged our transportation and hotel reservation .

asset (n) 資產;財產
The company assets include cash, inventory and its office building.

asset 也指人才或是條件
Ricky is an important asset to our company.

One of his many assets is his connections.







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