【Grammar Tip】

Animated films also look to be big this summer!

句中的 look 是 「看似」的意思,to look to be 就是 「看起來將會如何」的意思。

look to be → promise to be

→ Animated films also promise to be big this summer.

1. The company's new plan looks to be a disaster.

2. This year's harvest looks to be the best in ten years.

3. Chemistry looks to be the most difficult class I have to take this semester.

4. April looks to be the wettest month of the year in Rast Asia.

【Chat Room】

grumpy 脾氣壞的

在電影、戲劇等之中 grumpy 不等於 villain
villain 指的是壞人

mind 是心情
不能說 have a mood
要用介係詞 in → in a mood

【Michelle's Class】

found (v) 建立;打基礎
foundation (n) 建築物的地基

The foundation of the building needed to be reinforced after the earthquake.

foundation 也指一件事情的基礎
The foundation of a good marriage is mutual trust.

dominate (v) 統治;支配
domination (n) 控制權;統治權 (不可數)

The aliens were set on world domination.

domination 也指優勢

Tiger Wood's domination in golf was once undisputed.

d-e 離開
-port 搬運
deport (v) 驅逐出境;放逐

Many illegal immigrants are deported every day.

The country had the criminals deported.

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