【Grammar Tip】

In the world of glamping, antique furniture, personal service and gourmet dining are faiely common.

In the world of...

提到某個領域並要做進一步詳談時,就可以用 in the world of ... 開頭。

1. In the world of sports, soccer is king.

2. In the world of fashion design, trends come and go very quickly.

3. In the world of computer software, India is really well-know.

4. In the world of soccer, the team Manchester United is very important in Europe.

【Chat Room】

phobia 恐懼症
acrophobia 懼高症

-phobe (什麼的)恐懼症患者
acrophobe 懼高症患者

camping-phobe 怕露營的人。

雖然不為正式用法 (字典中找不到),但可看出想表達之意。
commitment-phobe 懼怕承諾的人
germ-a-phobe 對細菌有恐懼症 (germ: 細菌)

technophobe 科技恐懼症,對高科技產品有恐懼症

【Michelle's Class】

conjure (v)
conjure up (動詞片語) 令人想起

The name "Coco Chanel" conjures up elegant and expentive clothing, jewelry and bags.

The smell from the bakery conjures up times I spent with Grandma.

proxim- 靠近之意
proximity (n) 接近;親近;鄰近
如果接近某對象用 to

Proximity to medical facilities is important to elderly people.

affluent (adj) 富裕的;富足的
The family lives in an affluent and hightly-educated neighborhood.

They lead an affulent lifestyle.

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