【Grammar Tip】

You can fill entire days seeing Karnak, the largest religious site in the world.

fill entire days seeing...
- means: you can spend a long time seeing

fill entire days doing something


- You can fill entire days shopping at th Turkish Bazaar.

- You can fill entire days touring all the famous attraction s in Orlando, Florida.

- On holidays, we often fill entire days seeing our relatives.

- On our last vacation, we filled entire days seeing all the sites of Venice.

【Chat Room】

ancient 古老的

out-of-date 過時的

obsolete 廢棄;淘汰;不再使用的

modern 現代的

up-to-date 現代的;新式的

【Michelle's Class】

column (n)
[‘kalFm] 圓形的柱子或圓柱狀的物品

- The dome was supported by twelve columns.

- column 也指報紙或雜誌上的專欄
- He writes a weekly political column for a local newspaper.

construction (n)
[kFn’strVkJFn] 興建;建築;架設
- The construction of this auditorium took over 5 years to complete.

- This museum was a peculiarly shaped construction.

- Our website is still under construction.

await (v)
[F’wet] 等待;期待

- 同 wait for,但它是比較正式的用字
- He's anxiously awaiting the result of his job interview.

- Many challenges await him when he takes over this branch office.


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