【Grammar Tip】

It's one thing to practice a language, but it's another to study in it.

It's one thing to..., but it's another to....


1. It's one thing to play with an animal, but it's another to own one as a pet.

2. It's one thing to visit a place, but it's another to live there.

3. It's oner thing to say tou are going to travel around the world, but it's another to have the money to do it.

4. It's one thing to run in a race, but it's another to actually win one.

【Chat Room】

accommodate (v) 遷就;迎合;方便某人

- But most universities do their best to accommodate them accordingly.

accommodations 表示住宿或旅館的招待設備,如早餐、健身房...etc.

amenities 表指生活舒適的東西

【Michelle's Class】

advantageous (adj)
[,XdvXn’tedKFs] 有利的;有幫助的
- advantage (n) 優點
- 對某對象有利,用 to 這個介系詞

- The new policy is advantageous to minorities.

- The bank promised to give us an advantageous interest rate.

acquisition (n)
[,XkwI’zIJFn] 習得;獲得;取得
- acquire (v) 獲得;取得
- He spent his whole life on the acquisition of wealth.

- The acquisition of one's mother tonque is a natural process.

accordingly (adv)
[F’kCrdIGli] 相對應地
- according (adj) 和諧的;相稱的
- Once we receive the notice from your lawerm we will act accordingly.

- 也指 因此;所以
- The boss sent him home to rest accrodingly.


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