【Grammar Tip】

Daily stretching and strengthening exercises lead to stronger and more flexible joints that have more resistance to injury.

Daily stretching and strengthening exercises can help develop stronger and more flexible ...

There are other ways we can to say this:
Daily stretching and strengthening exercises can help make your joints stronger and more flexible.

1. Smoking can lead to a variety of health problems.

2. A cut in education funding can lead to a shorter school year.

3. Living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to serious problems with your health.

4. I'm afraid that the closing of the factory will lead to people moving away from this town.

【Chat Room】

就像課文中的 strengthen
strength 力氣 / strengthen 加強;增強
bright 亮的 / brighten 使明亮

要注意 lessen 是一個動詞
上課的課是 lesson

英文中還有些字將 en 加在字首變成動詞

courage 勇氣 / encourage 給予勇氣→鼓勵
danger 危險 / endanger 使陷入危險
large 大的 / enlarge 放大

【Michelle's Class】

compound (v) 使嚴重;使惡化
Her disease compounded and she had to ask a relative to take care of her children.

When he was fired it compounded his state of depression.

flex (v) 彎曲
flexible (adj) 可彎曲的→有彈性的
A dancer must be very flexible to do all the moves.

flexible 也指可變通的;靈活的
My working hours are very flexible. I only have to turn in my work before the deadline.

resist (v) 抵抗
resistance (n) 抵抗力

Exercise can build up one's resistance to diseases.

resistance 也指反對或反抗
The troops encountered strong resistance by their enemy.

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