【Grammar Tip】

Whatever the reason for
- No matter what the reason may be

我們常會說 No matter what reason it may be for ... 本句中直接說 whatever the reason for ... 這種說法比較簡練。

Whatever the reason for the party, people enjoy sharing food and conversation with their friends.
- No mater what the reason may be for the party, people enjoy sharing food and conversation with their friends.


1. Whatever the reason for Dennis' absence, I just hope we have someone else to take his place at work today.

2. Whatever the reason for going to see that movie, viewers of all ages will find the movie entertaining.

3. Whatever the reason for his decision to leave school, he is welcome back at anytime.

4. Whatever the reason for her illness, she needs to see the doctor.

【Chat Room】

餐廳用餐經理可能會問:How big is your party?這組人總共有幾位。

所有跟李先生一起用餐的:Mr. Lee's party

political parties 政黨
- Republican Party 共和黨, Democratic Party 民主黨

party 也是法律用詞,簽署有兩 parties 甲方、乙方,
故 party 可指關係人、當事人

injured party,
third party 第三者
interest party 利害關係者
become a party to something 參與一件壞事,成為共謀

【Michelle's Class】

entertain (v)
[,EntQ’ten] 請客;招待;款待
- We entertained our neighbors and friends with a BBQ in our backyard.

- Mark and his wife don't entertain mush.

- entertain 也指娛樂
- Johnny's parents hired a clown to entertain him and his friends.

anniversary (n)
[‘XnF’vRsFri] 週年紀念;週年紀念日
- ann 有年之意
- Dad and Mom will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in Paris.

- Tomorrow will be the 20th anniversary of our company.

refreshment (n)
[rI’frEJmFnt] 使精神振作的東西,就是指點心或茶點,常用複數形
- refresh (v) 使精神振作;使精神恢復
- Refreshments are served at the back of the conference hall.

- We stopped and had some light refreshment at a cafe.

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