[ Grammar Tip ]

句型:No phrase/word describes + object + better than + description.

No phrase descirbes Hungary better than "a feast for the senses."
No picture shows what war is like better than one of the airplanes dropping bombs.
No word describes this company better than creative.

[ Chat Room ]

ballet - 芭蕾
buffet - 自助餐
fillet - 西餐中的魚片
bouguet - 一束花
vallet - 代客泊車服務生

-et 的t不發音,重音在第二音節,這些為外來語

an informative exhibit on the history of the castle
此處的 on 不是" 在...上面 ",而是" about "
如: a book on plants, a speech on democracy(民主)

另外 upon / on 在有 spatial relation (空間上的關係)時,可通用
如: the bird sat upon the tree
  the bird sat on the tree
但只能: Here's a book on architecture
不能 Here's a book upon architecture

[ Word Bank ]

spicy (adj)辛辣的
 I love spicy food in the winter because it warms my whole body.

tingle (v)感到刺痛
 When I eat Thai food, my mouth tingles from the spicy food.

capital (n)首都
 Washington, D.C.,is the capital of the United States of America.

admire (v)欣賞
 Whenever I go to the mountains, I always admire their beauty.

aspect (n)方面
 My favoriate aspect of traveling is eating the local food in the countries I visit.

exhibit (n)展覽
 If you go to the zoo tomorrow, make sure to visit the panda exhibit.

border (n)邊界;國境
 The U.S. shares a border with Canada on the north and Mexico on the south.

take one's breathe away (idom)使人屏息;令人驚訝
 The size and beauty of the Grand Canyon will take your breathe away.

[ More Information ]

architecture (n)建築
parliament building (n)國會大廈
massage (n)按摩
stroll (v) 散步
limestone (n)石灰岩;石灰石

phrase 片語
feast 盛宴
marvelous 非凡的
tongue 舌
elegant 雅緻地
fairy-tale-like 宛如童話故事般
tour 參觀
decorate 裝飾
afterward 之後
castle 城堡
hill 丘
former 從前
royal 王室
gallery 美術館
climb 攀登
battle 戰爭
cave 洞穴
explore 探索
attend 參加
concert 音樂會

[ Key Points ]

1. The architecture in Budapest will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

2. A visit to Eger will give you a good understanding of Hungary's history and culture.

3. If you want to get away from the city and enjoy nature, Aggtelek National Park is a great place to visit.

[ Michelle's word room ]

1. 辣味豬肋排骨是這家餐廳最有名的菜
  The spicy ribs are the most famous dish at this restaurant.
2. 韓國人很喜歡吃辛辣的食物.他們認為對健康非常有益處.
  Koerans enjoys spicy food. They consider it very healthy.

3. 我在寒風中走路時臉上感到麻麻刺刺的
  My face tingled as I walking in the cold wind.
4. 當她聽到這個消息的時候整個人感到非常震驚.
  She tingled all over with shock when she heard the news.
5. 這部電影很恐怖,恐怖到我每次看都會感到脊椎發麻
  This movie is so scary that I get tingles down my spine every time I see it.

6. 我站在這裡良久欣賞這位天才的藝術創作
  I stood there for a long time admiring the art work of this genius.
7. 她欣賞著櫥窗裡那件漂亮的結婚禮服
  She was admiring the beautiful wedding grown in the window.
8. 我真的很欣賞你說出真相的勇氣
  I really admire your courage to tell the truth.

9. 在處理它之前我們需要考慮這問題的每個層面
  We need to thinking about every aspect of the problem before we deal with it.
  Editing is a crucial aspect of film-making.

  The exhibit displaying painting by Renior will end next week.
  The meseum has many exhibits from ancient Egypt.

  The magnificent view of the glacier took our breathe away.
  The stunning beauty of the sunset took my breathe away.

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