【Grammar Tip】

By far the most world-renowned Easter eggs came from the workshop of Peter Carl Faberge in the 1800s.

句首的 by far 不是 so far 的意思,by far 常用來修飾比較級或是最高級的形容詞,有「顯然地、尤其、更...」等等強調的意思。

by far:to the most extreme
so far:up to now

1. Elvis Presley is by far the most popular singer in mordern history.
2. By far the most omportant issue facing the world is how to save the environment.

3. This tour is by far the worst one I've ever taken!
4. This year's company party is by far the most creative one we've ever had.

【Chat Room】

ascending the throne 登上王位
ascend : to move upward ; succeed
ascend stairs 爬上階梯

taking the reins
reins of government / reigns of power

1. Victoria ascended the throne in 1839.
2. He holds the reins of government.

【Word Bank】

thereby (adv) 因此;從而 //通常用在完整的句子後,動詞子句前
 Lance put all the food next to him, thereby making it easier to eat.

imperial (adj) 帝國的;帝王的
 The imperial kitchens prepared food for the emperor and empress.

commemorate (v) 慶祝;紀念
 To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the university placed a statue in the center of the campus.

replica (n) 複製品
 The statues in this museum are not real; they're just replicas.

【More Information】

coronation (n) 加冕典禮

reign 統治
Czar 沙皇(俄羅斯皇帝)
give away 贈送
boiling 煮沸
onion 洋蔥
reddish-brown 紅棕色
renowned 有名的
silver 銀
reveale 展現
throne 登上王位
coach 馬車
miniature 縮小
plain 簡樸的
spiritual 心靈的

emperor 皇帝
empress 皇后;女皇
anniversary 週年紀念
statue 雕像
campus 校園;校區;校內草地
ruin 破壞;毀壞
monument 紀念碑
general 將軍;一般的
souvenir 紀念品

【Michelle's Room】

1. Sean 沒有拿到大學的獎學金,所以他決定要先工作
  Sean didn't get the scholarship to go to college, and thereby decided to work first.
  It rained all day and night, thereby ruined his camping trip.

3. 人們建立這個紀念碑,為了紀念這些在戰爭中失去生命的人
  The monument was built to commerate those who lost their lives at war.
4. 許多人帶花來紀念這位偉大的將軍
  Many brought flowers to commemorate this great general.

  We brought a replica of the Eiffel Tower as a souvenir when we went to Paris.

【關於 eggs 的其他 phrase】

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

→ don't put all your hope in only one thing

You need to depend on several things.
Because then if that thing fails, you will not lose everything.

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