【Grammar Tip】

Every day of your life , chances are , you think about vitamins.

"chances are" means : mostly likely / with great possibility

句中的 chances are 是相當於口語的表達方式,表示「有這個可能」的意思。

原句等同: It's very likely that you think about vitamins every day of your life.

1. When you start to walk every day, chances are, you will lose weight quickly.
2. Every day during vacation, chances are, we'll go swimming.

3. Chances are it's going to rain this afternoon.
4. Chances are I'm not going to the movies tonight.

【Chat Room】

spot 廣播or電視節目間的廣告插撥
advertisement 廣告的通稱
commercial 電視或廣播廣告
trailers 廣告的一種,電影放映前的廣告。
  如:Movie theaters usuallly show trailers before movie began.
infomercial 資訊型廣告(longer than a regular commercial),
  information + commercial的 結合
product placement 置入性行銷

【Word Bank】

molecule (n) 分子
 Scientists say there is a molecule that tells your brain when you are full!

carry out (phr v) 執行;完成
 The right people need to carry out this project or there will be problems.

atom (n) 原子
 Atoms are the basic building blocks of people, animals and things.

eventually (adv) 最後;終於
 I will read that book eventually. Five other people are signed up to read it before me.

【More Information】

nutrional label (n) 營養標示
chemical reaction (n) 化學反應
collagen (n) 膠原質;膠原蛋白

vitamin 維他命;維生素
pill (服用)小藥丸
carbon 碳
hydrogen 氫
oxygen 氧
vessel 血管
fall apart (ph.) 分崩離析;變為碎塊

sign up (ph.) 登記,註冊

fund (n) 資金
manpower (n) 人力;人力資源
officer (n) 軍官;警官;警察;公務員;官員;高級職員;高級船員;船長
substance (n) 物質
observe (n) 看到;觀察
hydrogen (n) 氫 // hydro- 表示"水的","氫的"
oxygen (n) 氧 // oxy- 表示"氧";"尖銳"

【Michelle's Room】

1. 我們需要更多的資金和人力來完成這個計畫案
  We need more funds and manpower to carry out this project.
2. 他們毫無耽誤地執行了指揮官所給的指示
  The carried out the orders from their commanding officer without any delay.

3. 當你把這兩個物質放在一起的時候,會生化學變化
  When you put the two substances together, a chemical reaction will occur.
4. 學生正在觀察氫加上氧的化學反應
  The students are observing chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

5. 兩個氫原子加上一個氧原子構成一個水分子
  Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen form a molecule of water.

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