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independent 獨立
依賴 = rely on

depenpendent + on
例如:Most children dependent on their parents.

dependent 亦可當名詞用,指被撫養的人

【Word Bank】

responsibility (n) 責任感;責任
 Taking care of the dog is Martha's responsibility.

wisely (v) 明智地;聰明地
 Before she went to the department store, Claire wisely called to find out when it opened and closed.

allowance (n) 零用錢
 Jimmy's parents give him $20 a week as his allowance.

guidance (n) 指引;指導
 Students can use some guidance to help them make good decisions about their futures.

【Michelle's Room】

1. 把作業做好是你的責任
  It's your responsibility to finish your homework.
  He takes his responsibility as an older brother very seriously.

responsible (adj) 負責的
3. 彼得負責分公司的經營
  Peter is responsible for running the branch office.

allow (v) 允許
allowance (n) 允許的額度;零用錢;補助;津貼

4. 提姆上度學後他父母還是給他零用錢
  Timmy's parents gave him an allowance even after he went college.
5. 公司每天給$50的旅遊津貼
  The company gives a travel allowance of $50 per day.

guidance (n) 指引;指導 //不可數名詞
guide (v) 指引

6. 傑森遇到挑戰時總是希望從哥哥那裡得到指導
  Jason always looks to his brother for guidance when facing challenges.
7. 我們需要這個領域專業人士的指導
  We need guidance from the professionals in this field.

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