【Grammar Tip】

" You should see her!"

"you should see someone or something"

1. You should see Ben and Maria dance the tango. They are really good!

不可與"You should go see her!" 搞混
例句: Tim is in the hospital; you should go see him.

如果是講一件過去發生的精采事件,就可以用 You should have seen her! 表示「你早先應該要看的!」

"you have seen"
1. You should have seen Mary carry five boxes up the stairs at one time!
2. You should have seen Harold playing a joke on Samuel today; it was so funny.
3. It was amazing to see the kitten play with the dog; you should have seen them runnung around together!

【Chat Room】

volunteer 志願者;義工
亦可說一個人 volunteered for the job

philanthropist 慈善家
phil- 愛
-anthropist 人類

charities 慈善機構

【Word Bank】

acceptable (n)
 Wearing shorts to school is not acceptable.

resourceful (adj)
 Mark can help us find the supplies for this project. He's very resourceful.

advertise (v)
 Tom advertises his lawn care service on the Internet.

client (n)
 Many clients appreciate the lawyer's help and wise advice.

【More Information】

rural 農村的;田園的
teen 青少年
neiece 姪女;外甥女
nepnew 姪子;外甥
charge 收費

lawn 草坪
appreciate 感激

【Michelle's Class】

1. 我們必須找到一種合作的方式是兩方都可以接受的
  We need to find a way to cooperate that is acceptable for both parties.
2. 這種態度在我的班級是完全不可以被接受的
  This kind of attitude is absolutely not acceptable in my class.

(反義) unacceptable 不可接受的
3. 這種工作環境是不可以接受的
  This kind of working environment is unacceptable.

resourceful 機靈的;辦法很多的;足智多謀的
4. 身為五星級飯店的經理,漢克必須要非常懂得隨機應變
  As the manager of a five-star hotel, Hank has to be very resourceful.
5. 這個神通廣大的記者得到了這個電影明星的獨家專訪
  This resourceful reporter got an exclusive interview with the movie star.

6. 這家公司在電視上打新產品的廣告
  The company advertised their new product on TV.

advertise 亦作「廣為宣傳」
7. 請不要到處宣揚吉娜被解雇的消息
  Please don't advertise that Gina got fired.

advertisement (n) 廣告
a newspaper advertisement 報紙上的廣告


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