【Chat Room】

A big group of people will always have more knoledge than just one expert.

There's power in numbers. 人愈多愈有力量
Two heads are better than one. 倆人同心協力、集思廣益,比一個人好

Too many cooks spoil the broth. 人多手雜,愈幫愈忙
Many hands make light work. 人多好辦事

【Michelle's Class】

d-e 分離;除去
delete 刪除、刪掉文字

I deleted some old e-mails so I can have more space for incoming mail.

The last part of the interview was deleted due to space limitations.

c-o-n 共同之義
s-e-n-s 感覺之義
consensus 共識。多半用單數,或不可數型態
reach a consensus on something 指在某件事上達成共識

We finally reached a consensus on our annual goals.

expert 專家
expertise 專業的知識或技術
說明在哪方面的知識用 " in "

Her expertise cooking really impressed us.

I have no expertise in sports.


Sophy's Notebook

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