【Chat Room】

taking someone under one's wing
把某人放在你的翅膀下 → 表示「保護某人」

spread your wings
展開你的翅膀 → 「不要退縮,此刻就要嘗試新的經驗」

wait in the wings
此處的 wings 非指翅膀,而是舞台上的幕後兩側 → 意指「準備好要上場了」

【Michelle's Class】

pull someone's leg 拉某人的腿,意指跟某人開玩笑;或哄騙某人
When the game show host told her that she won one million dollars,
she thought that he was pulling her leg.

Don't believe what Charlie told you.
He's probably just pulling your leg.

get one's feet wet 把腳弄濕,意指著手進行,或開始參與
The boss decided to let the rookie get his feet wet by doing the big project.

Skiing is not that hard once you get your fet wet.

sob (v) 啜泣;哽咽
She spent the whole day sobbing in bed when she first broke up with her boyfriend.

The little girl sobbed about her lost Teddy bear.

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