【Grammer Tip】

Professional adventurer Mike Horn never met a challenge he didn't welcom.

這個句型用了兩個否定 never 和 didn't ,達到強調以及引起注意的效果。
原句: Professional adventurer Mike Horn always welcomed every challenge he met.

1. Lillian has never eaten a peiece of chocolate she didn't enjoy.

2. James has never taken a class he didn't do well in.

3. Joe only reads books that appear on the best-seller list.
→ Joe never reads a book that does't appear on the best-seller list.

4. Tina loved hats when she was younger and liked every hat she bought.
→ Tina loved hats when she was younger, and never bought one she didn't.

【Word Bank】

excel (v) 擅長;勝過
 My mother is very talneted and excels at singing and playing the piano.

solo (adj) 單獨的;獨奏(唱)的
 The book tells the story of a woman's solo journey around the world.

transportation (n) 交通工具;交通運輸
 You won't have any problem with transportation in the city because buses and taxis are cheap.

encounter (v) 遇到;遭遇
 We encountered some bad weather and had to turn around and go back home.

accompany (v) 伴隨;陪同
 Will Ron accompany you to the party Friday night?

glaicer (n) 冰河
 The captain turned the ship just in time and missed hitting the glacier.

explorer (n) 探險家
 The younger explorer will travel to the North Pole next year.

preserve (v) 保護;保存
 My mother preserves our family pictures to keep a record of our activities.

【More Information】

expedition (n) 探險;考察
equator (n) 赤道
polor bear (n) 北極熊

Johannesburg 約翰尼斯堡
Switzerland 瑞士
continent 大陸
floating 漂浮的
fellow 同伴
Russia 俄羅斯

dedicate to 奉獻給
Pangaea 原指 盤古大陸 (此文中是「環保行動泛全球探險」的英文縮寫)
participate 參與
sialboat 帆船
passion 熱情
wonder 奇觀
gereration 世代(的人)

herd 群
reindeer 馴鹿
cabin 小屋
negotiation 協商
clinic 診所
mashed potatoe 馬鈴薯泥
fortune 財富

【Chat Room】

homonyms 同音字 (須靠上下文才能得知其為何)
feat / feet ( 壯舉 / 雙腳 )
sea / see
know / no
priciple / principal ( 原則 / 校長 )

adventure (n) 冒險
safari 非洲狩獵旅行
adventurous (adj) 喜愛冒險的
adventurer (n) 冒險者

【Michelle's Room】

1. 南極的遠征花了很多金錢和時間
  The expedition to the South Pole took a lot of money and time.
2. 亨利去年參加了一個探險隊去非洲探險
  Henry was on an expendition to explore Africa last year.

3. 傑克才二十歲就有獨立完成的飛行
  Jack made his first solo flight when he was only twenty.
4. 他在1988年在阿波羅戲院做了個人的表演
  He did his solo performance at the Apollo Theater in 1988.
5. 這位樂團的前主唱剛發行了他個人的首張專輯
  The band's former lead singer just released his first solo album.

6. 我們到木屋的途中遇到了一群麋鹿
  We encountered a herd of reindeer on the way to the cabin.
7. 在協商的過程中我們遇到了許多困難
  We encountered many difficulties during the negotiation.

8. 查理斯會陪著媽媽去診所看醫生
  Charles will accompany his mother to the clinic to see the doctor.
9. 牛排會附上馬鈴薯泥
  The steak is accompanied by mashed potatoes.

10. 克里斯多福 哥倫布 是發現美洲的探險家
  Christoper Columbus was the explorer who found the Americas.
  He's a famous Antarctic explorer.

  Everyone should do their part to preserve the environment.
  Many woman spend a large fortune trying to preserve their youth.
  The traditions are well-preserved and still practiced in this village.



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