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questionaire 問卷
→ a type of survey (民意調查)

survey 非所有皆為問卷,有些是口頭上的、或電話訪問

poll 也是 survey
opinion poll → a survey of public opinion

Nielsen Rating 尼爾森調查

【Word Bank】

workplace (n) 工作場所
 Sam's workplace is so close to his home he walks to work.

chasm (n) 分歧;裂口
 The chasm between May's college major and what her parents want has caused many problems.

core (n) 核心;果核
 The core values of this company include service and honesty.

prioritize (v) 給予...優先權;按優先順序處理
  Every Monday, I prioritize my work for the week to make sure the most important tasks get done first.

【More Information】

achrimatic (adj) 消色差的

college major 大學主修科目

career 職業
approach 著手處理
preference 偏愛的
author 作者
questionnaire 問卷
eliminate 消除
self-perception 自我認知
reveal 揭露;展現
movation 動機
passionate 熱情;熱愛
pursuit 追求(的事)
establish 建立
overdo 做的過火

racial 種族的;種族之間的
discrimination 區別;不公平待遇;歧視
atmosphere 氣氛

【Michelle's Room】

1. 我們工作場所的照明需要改善
  The lighting in our workplace needs improvement.
2. 職場中的種族歧視是不可以接受的
  Racial discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable.
3. 工作場合中的氣氛影響員工的效率
  The atmosphere in the workplace influences the wfficiency of the workers.

兩者之間的分歧用" between "
4. 這項運動就是在嘗試縮小兩黨之間的歧見
  The movement is trying to narrow the chasm between the two parties.
5. 貧富之間極大的差距導致了許多社會問題
  The wide chasm between the rich and poor caused a lot of social problems.

6. 當你同時要完成許多任務時,你必須學會如何把事情按優先順序來處理
  You need to learn how to prioritize when you have many tasks to accomplish at the same time.


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