【Grammar Tip】

Your best bet for a healthy snack is locally produced, fresh fruit and vegetables.

"your best bet"
"bet" usually meaning "the act of gambling"
但跟 "your best" 結合時,
整個phrase mean "the smartest or wisest thing to do in a certain situation"
The smartest thing for a healthy snack is locally produced, fresh fruit and vegetables.

我們常將 bet 解釋作打賭,但 bet 其實也可以是「對策、辦法」的意思,
所以 your best bet 就是你最好的對策。

1. Your best bet for getting to work on time is to take a taxi since you are already late.
2. Your best bet for getting a dress you really like is to have one made.

3. Getting a flu shot is your best bet for avoiding the flu.
4. If you're having trouble with your coworkers, your best bet would be to talk to your supervisor.

【Chat Room】

farmer's market 農夫市場,可向農夫購買當地農產品
the local food movement 地方食物運動:號召人們購買當地食物
organic food 有機食物

-cide 謀殺之意
pest 害蟲
pesticide 農藥;殺蟲劑

suicide 自殺
homicide 殺人

【Word Bank】

acne (n) 粉刺;痤瘡
 Jared bought a special face soap to help get rid of his acne.

produce (n) 農產品
 This shop sells fresh produce, including carrots, garlic and bananas.

chewy (adj) 耐嚼的
 The squid in this seafood is very chewy.

gut (n) 腸;胃腹;肚子
 After Billy got hit in the gut with a baseball, he couldn't play the rest of the game.

【More Information】

pore 毛孔

get rid of 擺脫
garlic 大蒜
squid 烏賊

oily 油膩的
sugary 含糖的 / sugar 糖
annoying 惱人的
spot 點
substance 物質
junk food 垃圾食物
frozen 冷凍的
tasty 美味的
ingredient 添加物;原料
salt 鹽
bet 賭;對策
chewing gum 口香糖
swallow 吞

roast 烤


【Michelle's Class】

(n) 農產品
(v) 出產 //重音在後面

1. 農產品的區塊在肉類的區塊旁邊
  The produce section is next to the meat section.
2. 這家工廠生產電子產品
  The factory produces electronic goods.

chew (v) 咀嚼
chewy (adj) 耐嚼的

3. 牛肉煮得太老,韌到沒有辦法吞下去
  The beef was overcooked and too chewy to swallow.
4. 這種帶嚼勁的法國麵包是爸爸的最愛
  This kind of chewy French bread is father's favorite.

gut 當"腸子"時不可數
5. 肉類要在腸道消化好幾個小時
  It takes several hours for meat to digest in the gut.

guts 內臟
6. 莎拉先把火雞的內臟清理完成後再烤火雞
  Sarah cleaned the guts out of the turkey before roasting it.

guts 亦指膽量或勇氣
7. 瑞奇能有勇氣說出真相真是令人開心
  I'm so glade that Ricky had the guts to tell the truth.

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