【Chat Room】

Can I have a piece?我可以要一點嗎?

Can I have a cake?我可以要一整塊蛋糕嗎?

一塊蛋糕: a piece of cake
- Can I have a piece of cake?

piece of cake (片語) 輕而易舉

You can't have your cake and eat it too.
你不能同時吃掉又擁有蛋糕 → 魚與熊掌不能兼得

【Michelle's Class】

register (v)
[‘rEdKIstQ] 註冊;登記
- 這裡特別指新婚夫婦或父母親到喜歡的商店去登記他們喜歡的所需要的東西的清單,好讓親朋好友依照他們的清單去購買。
- The couple decided to register for dishes at the department store.

infant (n)
[‘InfFnt] 嬰兒
- The lotion is very mild, and it's suitable for infants.

- 亦可當形容詞使用
- My sister gave me some of her daughter's infant clothing.

- 比嬰兒大一些,會走路的幼兒稱 toddler
- These active toddlers have really worn me down.

look forward to (idiom) 向前、往某地方看,指期待某件事的發生
- forward 向前地
- 此處的 to 當介系詞,故後面接名詞 / 名詞片語 / 動名詞

- Everyone is looking forward to the senior high prom.

- We're looking forward to your visit.

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