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an arm and a leg (idiom)
- cost someone an arm and a leg 貴得要命
- 可用在 cost, pay, charge

cost a pretty penny
- 雖然penny是指美金一分錢,但聚沙成塔,故此句代表所費不貲

at all costs 付出一切代價;無論如何

【Michelle's Class】

drawback (n)
[‘drC,bXk] 缺點;不利之處;弊端
- draw 拉
- One of the drawbacks of playing computer games is the lack of real interpersonal relationships.

- The biggest drawback of living with a roommate is have to share the bathroom.

transition (v)
[trXn’zIJFn] 轉換;過度
- 當名詞是指轉變或過度期
- Our computer system is in transition right now.

- The course's purpose is to train us to transition to a new way of thinking.

- He had difficulty transitioning from a follower to the role of a leader.

chew on (動詞片語)
- chew 咀嚼
- chew on something 非指咬某個東西,而是仔細去思考或討論這件事。是一較口語的用法。

- Thank you for your proposal, but I need to chew on it before making any decisions.

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